Retreats & Workshops

To Retreat

In our retreats and workshops you can retreat, find yourself, your center and discover what is really important to you.

Peace & Security

In our beautiful, nature-filled atmosphere you will find peace and security, you can create space to challenging situations and circumstances.

Clarity and New Strength

You will learn to unravel your mental chaos, to fully regenerate mentally and physically and to change your perspectives through the space you have created. You develop new strength to change the things that can be changed and you learn to accept that which cannot be changed.

It’s your choice

Regardless of whether you want to challenge yourself and literally put everything “up-side-down”, or to reset, or whether you want to learn a completely new way of dealing with yourself and your environment. EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE – you just have to let it happen.

Public retreats & workshops

There are no retreats planned at the moment.